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Special WINTER Edition Winter

Welcome to AMANIE Magazine Special Winter Edition.

The year 2020 has reminded us of the importance to maintain a deep connection to culture and art. Artists and creatives have by no means stopped inspiring, sharing and giving birth to new ideas. The digital world is now a major gateway to access art and culture. AMANIE Magazine wants to accompany this new paradigm by offe
Ich more and various content. Therefore, we deliver this 100% digital publication. Wishing that our Special Winter Edition is going to be your ally.

What to expect in this Special Winter Edition?

Brand-new articles, exclusive interviews and bilingual content. All of this available from January 2021 until March 2021, for free.

Yes, free access!

We sincerely believe that culture and art should remain available to everyone, regardless of financial situation. It is important for us to encourage and support this value.

However, if art and culture do not have a price, they have a cost.
That is why we are giving you the opportunity to participate financially in the creation of this Winter 2020 Special Edition.
You can decide how much you would like to contribute, you can donate whenever you want and even several times.

Does it look like unrealistic?

We are convinced that our readers are responsible and conscious people. You already know that we are all going through a period of change, which affects the financing of all activities, including that of AMANIE Magazine.
Since the beginning, YOU (artists, cultural and artistic actors and actresses as well as our readers and followers) have shown a constant and growing interest and support for our activities.
We believe that here too you will and can support and accompany us in this process: the publication of our first special edition.

The Content

  • An exclusive interview with the Ivorian artist Peintre Obou.
    With his painting, he incites us to change the way we look at the world around us. He expresses himself fully by appropriating “the mask”. An element which has a particular symbolic value in African cultures.
  • Meet the sparkling Ayaba Galbas, Afro-Caribbean vegan cheffe and holistic consultant.
  • Meet the inspired creators of the Afropolitaine web series. A true success of the year 2020. This work is blowing a new wind on the Afro-French audiovisual scene.

Please note that our content is not exactly the same in French as in English. We offer specific content, especially when a piece of art (e.g. a book) is available in one language only. So to say, we highly encourage you, if you can, to have a look at both versions.

The cultures and arts of African heritage are rich and varied.
Let’s take advantage of this period to (re)discover them!

Join us on Instagram for Sundays trips

During the winter, we also take you on a tour of several African cities, through works of art. How to travel with us? Just follow our Instagram account. Special content will be offered there on Sundays.

Enjoy your reading!

C.A.ML.K – founder and AMANIE Magazine Editor