Black History Month

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Black History Month happens every year in February, originally in the USA. Now this celebration is also taking place in other country, especially in Europe, Belgium, Germany, France. It is often forgotten, not said or even hidden what people with African background contribute to in our societies. Therefore, this month is made to enhance, celebrate and share the diversity, the greatness and creativity of Afro descents.

As you can guess we have curated some artistic activities that you can enjoy online alone, with your partner, friends or family. It is all about music, films, dance.

We wish you a happy Black History Month.


Two albums we recommend you to listen to.

Let start with Karimouche. She is a French artist involved music and fashion. Her family has Berber (Amazigh) origins – an ethnic group native from North and West Africa.
She has released a new album named Folies Berbères. It is a cultural reference to the famous Folies Bergère, a Parisian club, and Berbère – her ethnic native group.
We love how she has mixed North African sound with what it is called French variety music. It is vibrant, and she underlines current social issues like racism, migration or even poverty with her title Apocalypse Now.


It is a nice surprise we have listened to this new year so far. Denise is an artist from Madagascar who has started to be under the spotlight since 2014. That year she won the music contest Island Talent Africa. It is an old version of the French-speaking The Voice Africa show.
You can enjoy her album on YouTube or Spotify. And don’t forget to make some space, because you will dance for sure!

Denise in Tsara Joro music video


Cinewax, the NGO promoting African diaspora audiovisual content has just released a 6 film-selection for the Black History Month.
We particularly recommend Rapsodia Negra, a film showcasing the Afro-Colombian musical heritage.
Access is here. Their platform offers content in English, French and Spanish.


In February, Fashion Africa Now offers a very special dictionary on their Instagram account. They regularly display content specific to African fashion following the alphabet letters.



On Wednesday, January 27th the two Franco-Cuban twin sisters gave a vibrant concert with the Metropole Orkest conducted by Jules Buckley.
You can still watch it and dance here.

Lous and The Yakuza at the Tiny Desk

Since a few days we can enjoy the concert of Lous and The Yakuza at the Tiny Desk. You don’t know the concept? Look at it’s really worth the detour; we really like it.


It’s our favourite of the year 2020! And we are happy to offer you a video of one of her recent concerts.

Ella Fitzgerald at Montreux Jazz Festival 1975

You can access it here. Available until the of February 2021

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Have fun and stay safe!